Analysis of the Miño and Limia river basins at a geographical and hydrological level


Here you can download the different documents made in the project for this activity

  • New 1:10,000 scale cartography of the International Hydrographic Demarcation of Miño-Limia
  • Report on actual historical precipitation and temperature data in the international demarcation
  • downscaling of climate data from global and regional climate models
  • Comparison report of results obtained in terms of delimitation of climatic alteration and application of alteration factors.
  • Hydrological modelling for the international demarcation considering climate change for the periods 2011-2040, 2041-2070 and 2070-2100
  • Modelling of water resources management in the river basin district
  • Report of analysis and balance of the resources and demands of the different uses of water in the demarcation for the different scenarios.
  • Final report of results, definition of indices of climatic alteration

Meeting held in Santiago with the IGT and IGN in May 2018, in which the procedures to be followed for the correct determination of the hydrographic network and its associated river basins were established, as well as working instruments in the cabinet and verifications to be carried out in the field.

Meeting with CEDEX, February 14, 2019, in Madrid: its objective was to carry out a joint review of the global and regional models that will be used to estimate the impact of climate change on the variables of the atmospheric phase of the hydrological cycle.

Meeting with the University of Vigo and the National Geographic Institute (IGN), March 27, 2019, in Ourense: in this working meeting the advances in the revision of the demarcation’s hydrographic network have been analysed with special attention to the areas of the headwaters of the riverbeds and to the sections of the urban areas.

  • Area (km2) of International Hydrographic Demarcation mapped

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  • Authorities aware of the potential effects of climate change on the demarcation

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  • Population benefited by a greater knowledge of the effects of climate change on the demarcation

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  • People trained at Aquatool

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