16th GTC Meeting
Ourense (UVigo) 

15th GTC Meeting

CHMS present at  he European Water and Innovation Conference of the European Commission

Zaragoza Congress Centre 12-12-2019

CEDEX and CHMS Meeting

Office of Hydrological Planning (CHMS) 12-12-2019

Meeting of the Joint Technical Working Group

CHMS Basin Control Center 05-12-2019

Third meeting of the Management Committee

Ourense (CHMS) 05-12-2019

Water control point -Red Saica-

Arenteiro River (Ourense)  

14th GTC Meeting 

Oporto (APA) 12-06-19   

13th GTC Meeting 

Ourense (CHMS) 18-09-19   

12th GTC Meeting 

Oporto (APA) 12-06-19   

11th GTC Meeting 

Ourense (CHMS) 03-04-19   

 Second Meeting of the Management Committee Santiago (FEUP) 29-11-18 

10th GTC Meeting 

Oporto (FEUP) 08-11-18   

9th Meeting of the GTC

Ourense (CHMS) 18-09-18 

8th GTC Meeting

Oporto (APA Norte) 27-07-18   

7th Meeting of the GTC

Ourense (UVigo) 07-06-18 

10th Meeting with IET

Santiago (IET) 24-05-18 

6th GTC Meeting

Oporto (FEUP) 27-04-18   

5th Meeting of the GTC

Ourense (CHMS) 09-03-18 

4th Meeting of the GTC

Oporto (APA Norte) 02-02-18

3rd Meeting of the GTC 

Ourense (CHMS) 21-11-17

Launching Day

Ourense (Cultural Center “Marcos Valcárcel”) 21-11-17

2nd Meeting of the GTC

Oporto (FEUP) 21-09-17

1st Meeting of the GTC 

Oporto (APA Norte) 27-07-17