A station to control the flow of the Saa River is installed in A Pobra do Brollón

A station to control the flow of the Saa River is installed in A Pobra do Brollón

The Miño-Sil River Basin Authority has completed work on the installation of a station to monitor the flow of the river Saa in A Pobra do Brollón. The new station, according to the organisation, is located in the area of significant potential risk of flooding in the municipality, as defined in the planning for the prevention of this type of incident. The facilities, they add, are intended to “facilitate control and response capacity in periods of heavy rainfall that produce considerable increases in flow”.

The work, according to the hydrographic confederation, had a budget of 30,075 euros and consisted of the installation of the necessary equipment to measure and transmit in real time the data on the water level in the Saa riverbed, as well as the rainfall and temperature in the area. The variables collected by these instruments are already being received automatically – renewed every five minutes – at the confederation’s basin control centre, located in Ourense.

The data relating to the flow of the Saa can be consulted on the hydrographic confederation’s website – in the “Real-time data” section – as well as those of the other monitoring stations located at different points in the area of action of this body.


European support

The works for the installation of the A Pobra do Brollón monitoring station are part of the natural retention control and measures programmes of the Risc-ML project, which aims to prevent floods and droughts in the international basin of the Miño and Limia rivers. More specifically, the action is part of an action aimed at extending the networks of automatic hydrological and water quality information systems co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg V programme.